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Are you looking for a writer who understands your purpose and vision for your business? Are you too busy to write the content yourself?

I can fix that if you rather work on your business then doing the grunt work in your business.

I am Keyshia Imani, a freelance writer for hire.

I care about your business just as much as you do. 2nd-mile service is second nature for me.

I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to create content that showcases their brand, story, and vision. 


You have come to the right place if you are looking for a 

  • Freelance Blogger
  • Content Writer
  • SEO Writer


freelance writer for hire

I am a customer relations expert who has a passion for content marketing. Being a customer relations expert is the reason why I am passionate about creating the right content.


I believe in relationship marketing. The truth is content is a relationship builder. A business cannot thrive without the development of relationships. You need a writer who can create engaging content that connects with your target audience.


Interested? Visit my hire me page for more info.


Let’s work Together

More than a Freelancer

Exceptional customer service is my love language.


I have expert knowledge, interest, and personal experience in:

  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Education
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Development
  • Career Development
  • Hospitality

When I am not writing for other people I am writing for my own blog at

Aspiringjourney is dedicated to those who are looking to increase their income by starting a side hustle. I give practical resources and tips for people to get started with what they have. 

When I’m not working I am finishing up my degree in Social Work.  As you can see I have dedicated my life’s purpose to serve others.